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Turbines in the Back Garden

Is it worth coating your roof in solar cells? New rules should make it profitable for individuals to make their own electricity. Tom Heap crunches the numbers.

Can you make money from electricity? New rules are designed to make it profitable for individuals to erect wind turbines and put solar panels on their roofs, using the electricity for their own use and selling the surplus to the grid.

Tom Heap is planning a turbine for his home on the windy Isle of Mull. If anyone can make a packet from the wind racket, then surely it's Tom. He crunches the numbers to discover just what kind of income he can expect from his new turbine. Is it reliable, low maintenance and highly profitable? If it stacks up for his home, how do the figures look for urban dwellers? Could we all be giving power rather than taking it? Could we all be making a little pocket money from the sun and the wind?

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