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Berlin is Calling

Episode 4 of 5

After a bizarre dream, author and critic Michael Bracewell visits Berlin, exploring all things German.

After a bizarre dream, author and critic Michael Bracewell is prompted to explore all things German, which means travel and much speculation: Now he's Berlin bound.

"With the greatest respect to Dr Freud, I have never put much store by the interpretation of dreams. But one night seven years ago I had a dream which actually changed my life. As I slid towards sleep, it seemed as though a corner of the room was beginning to glow..."

The author and critic Michael Bracewell dreams about a visitation by the legendary musician Brian Eno, who informs him that 'Germany is your America', and that he should get out there and explore the place. So after much speculation about things German, after visits to Cologne, Munich and Berlin, and after immersing himself in the music and art of the country (especially electronic music and post modern art) the author is ready to pronounce on his romantic and prejudicial responses to the country. There is also its food to consider. And its youthful fashions.

What does he dig up? Lots! And this time it's Berlin. Which you can hear about in his specially commissioned five part series for The Essay.

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  • Thu 11 Feb 2010 23:00
  • Thu 3 Mar 2011 23:00

The Book that Changed Me

The Book that Changed Me

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