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We have two big hitters joining us this morning, John Denham the Communities and Local Government Secretary will be here as well as the former chairman of the Conservative Party Lord Tebbit. That should make for some lively discussions and it's a packed show.

The two larger parties are at each other's throats again today, this time it's over the family. Both claim to have the best policies and both claim the other has stolen their ideas. We'll be uncovering the facts.

Also today as a survey for the website Conservativehome reveals that a number of Conservative candidates in the forthcoming election aren't happy with David Cameron's green policies, we'll ask if the Tory leader alienating his core party.

On top of that Louis B Susman the American Ambassador will be live in the studio to give us his thoughts on the aid mission to Haiti and the worrying time for Obama as the Democrats lose the once safe Senate seat of Massachusetts.

Later in the programme the controversial scientist Richard Dawkins will be with us to say why he thinks children should be kept away from religion, and we'll look at the BNP's plan to target the constituency of Barking and find out what the main parties are doing about it.

All that and of course we'll have live coverage of PMQs, join us at 1130 on BBC Two with Andrew Neil and Jo Coburn.

Jo has recorded today's video newsletter in the DP newsroom and it is live on our web site.

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