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Radio Gibbon

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Wildlife documentary. Gibbons are in danger of extinction. In order to raise awareness of their plight, a young Frenchman called Chanee has created Radio Kalaweit.

In deepest Borneo, a remarkable young Frenchman called Chanee is combining his love of music and his passion for gibbons. These magical singing apes of the rainforest are in danger of extinction; to help save them, Chanee has set up a rescue centre and become the world expert at matchmaking gibbons. Only when a pair has successfully bonded can they be released back into the wild.

To increase awareness of the gibbons' plight, Chanee has created his own radio station, Radio Kalaweit, named after the local word for gibbon. Its music and message has now made it the most successful radio station in Borneo.

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Presenter Adrian Edmondson
Producer Mike Birkhead
Series Editor Tim Martin


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