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A Highland Haven

Episode 6 of 14

Documentary revealing the wildlife of the Scottish Highlands, seen by film-maker Fergus Beeley. Featuring rare black-throated divers and white-tailed sea eagles.

This stunningly beautiful film reveals the unique wildlife of the Scottish Highlands, seen through the eyes of film-maker Fergus Beeley.

Based for a year at Loch Maree and the surrounding hills in Scotland's far north west, Beeley presents his personal view of the shy animals whose lives are ruled by the rains. He follows the fortunes of rare black-throated divers and white-tailed sea eagles, which both breed there, while capturing the red deer and salmon whose lives also revolve around the loch.

With an evocative score provided by local musician Phil Cunningham, this enchanting film captures the magic of a very special place.

59 minutes


Red deer

Red deer
Roaring red deer stags provide the autumn soundtrack of the Highland glens. The red deer is the largest of the UK's resident species of deer.

Wildlife Finder: see and hear footage of red deer ruts

White-tailed sea eagle

White-tailed sea eagle

Standing at 1m tall with a 2m wingspan the white-tailed sea eagle is a majestic presence in the lochs of the highlands. However, even these masters of the air have to learn how to fly at some point.

Wildlife Finder: watch a young white-tailed sea eagle on its first flight

Black-throated diver

Black-throated diver

It's not easy for young black-throated divers to learn how to fly. Taking off can be very tricky due to their short wingspan, and landing in water can be a very bumpy experience.

Wildlife Finder: watch black-throated divers learning to fly

Damselflies and dragonflies

Damselflies and dragonflies
Dragonflies thrive in Loch Marie owing to the abundance of midges and the rain.

Wildlife Finder: watch some wonderful footage of dragonflies


Role Contributor
Narrator Fergus Beeley
Producer Fergus Beeley
Series Editor Tim Martin


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