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A whole hour of your choices in the mix!

This week it's the People's Choice! An whole hour (and then some) of your choices all in the mix. Plus exclusive TS7 and Speedy tracks.

3 hours

Music Played

  • SMD

    Cruel Intentions (Feat. Beth Ditto)

    • Joker Remix.
  • Bassboy

    Can't Get Enough (Feat. Lem)

  • Scrufizzer

    She Likes (Booda Remix)

  • Ruby Dan

    Dutty Wine

  • Frisco

    Sexy Girls (H Two 0 Remix)

  • Nastee Boi feat. Likle Deeze

    Get Down

  • Bassboy

    Love Is Gone

  • DJ Q

    Say That Again (feat. Slick Don)

  • Sub Zero


  • Digital Dubstar

    Can't Say No

    • Feat. Miss Fire.
  • Zed Bias


    • Roska Remix.
  • DJ Zinc - Nu Sound

  • Lady Chann

    Sticky Situation

    • Toddla T Remix.
  • Sami Sanchez


  • Bassboy

    What Are You On?

    • Feat. Screama.
  • Booda

    Need To Know (Feat. Keily)

    • Remix.
  • Joker

    Do It

  • People‚Äôs Choice Mix

    • TS7 feat. Bianca G

      Electrical Pool

    • Big ANG


    • So Solid Crew

      21 Seconds (Burgaboy Remix)

    • JME - Over

    • Scrufizzer

      Take That

    • Baby Blue

      Unknown (Burgaboy Remix)

    • General

      Come Over

      • Feat. Zoe.
    • Piddy Py

      Jungle Fever

      • Feat. Recneps.
    • 1st Born

      Wife Beater

      • Feat. Repneps.
    • Boy Better Know

      Goin' In

    • DJ Walker

      Midnight Sex

    • Jay B

      The Cure and The Cause (Remix)

    • Burgaboy

      An We're Live

      • Feat. Lanca.
    • Papez

      B-A-double S-M-A-N

      • feat. Bassman.
    • Screama


    • 24 K

      Zoomin Zip

    • Tempa T

      Next Hype

    • Dj Q

      Will I Ever Be Free

    • Cherri

      Until The Sun Comes Up (T2 Remix)

    • Virgo feat. Tamzin

      On Fire

    • Bassboy

      Your Love (Feat. Lem ) (DJ Airz Remix)

    • Speedy

      Girl Of My Dreams

      • Feat. BM.
    • A Dot R

      Can You Handle Me?

      • Feat. Ms Marriott.
    • 1st Born

      Be Afraid

    • Lauren Mason

      The Boss (Burgaboy Remix)

  • DJ Q

    Say That Again (Feat. Slick Don)

    • Special Remix.
  • Scrufizzer

    Never Be Your Woman

  • Johnny Shaker

    Call Me

  • Geeneus

    Yellow Tail VIP

  • S Tee feat. Tasha

    Touch On Me

  • Nat-Mor

    I Feel

  • Papez

    Move It

    • Feat. El Majoris.
  • Pyper

    Don't Think I'm Not