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Hooke's Inventions

Lisa Jardine discusses how Robert Hooke's inventions were received in the 17th century and how inventions like the 'Hooke joint' are integral to the way we live now.

Series exploring the work of the scientific pioneer Robert Hooke.

Professor Lisa Jardine examines Hooke's inventions, explores how they were received at the time and how some are integral to the way we live now.

Hooke was at the forefront of invention in the 17th century. As he and his fellow scientists went about their quest to 'know everything', Hooke was continually inventing new ways with machinery, telescopes, microscopes, watches and medicine. Charles II took a great interest in many of his designs and some of his discoveries have lasted through the years and are critical to our lives today. His 'Hooke joint' which he developed for carriages is now used in a rear-wheel drive car to connect the drive shaft to the transmission.

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