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Dr Mark Porter sorts out the good from the bad in terms of health advice online. As more people turn to self diagnosis on the internet, where we can find accurate information?

The internet is changing the face of medicine. Eight out of every ten people now use it to search for health information, and some go on to self-diagnose and treat their illnesses. But is it safe to play doctor? And can ordinary citizens with a computer really replace years of medical training?

Dr Mark Porter looks at what the web has to offer healthcare and asks where we can find helpful and accurate advice. Wikipedia is a popular source of information, but should it be trusted? Kevin Clauson from Nova Southeastern University discusses his findings.

There's also the issue of online pharmacies - a common choice for people seeking value for money. The websites are not always hosted in the UK and many are completely unregulated. Dr Porter finds out about the risks and how to avoid buying a box full of counterfeits.

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