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Deadly Highways

Episode 5 of 7

Documentary series following the traffic police. A huge crash on an unlit section of the M6 involving a 44-tonne lorry and two cars brings chaos to the motorway.

At night, a lorry jack-knifes on an unlit section of the M6, and two cars have ploughed full-speed into the underside of its trailer. The roofs of both cars have been taken off in the impact, and one man is dead. But, miraculously, three others have survived. It's up to PCs Elliot, Bullard and Shail to find out if this was simply the hand of fate or if someone is to blame.

The Motorway Cops deal with the ever present danger these 44 tonne lorries can present to the ordinary motorist. When a car carrying a family with two kids is hit and spins off onto the hard shoulder, the cops fear the worst, but luckily the passengers are shaken but uninjured. Not far away another car ends thirty yards up the embankment after spinning off the road at speed.

Near Spaghetti Junction PCs Jay Hussein and Martin Smith are trying to stop a stolen van which is causing chaos with the rush hour traffic. Five police cars are in hot pursuit but the thief evades all their traps until finally he's cornered and his luck runs out.

Meanwhile, when PC Dal Nijjar pulls over another wanted van, he's shocked to discover an infant in the back who's not secured and has been bounced around, supported between some shopping bags. It's sheer luck the baby has not been injured but it's something Dal's ever-patient colleague, PC Andy Collins, has seen time and time again.

59 minutes


Role Contributor
Presenter Jamie Theakston
Producer Deborah Dunnett
Executive Producer Matt Holden


Traffic Cops

Traffic Cops

Documentary series about British traffic police.