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Kim Cattrall

Genealogy series. Liverpool-born Kim Cattrall sets out to solve a family mystery that has endured for more than 70 years: the disappearance of her grandfather.

Six celebrities trace their family trees to reveal the lives of their ancestors and explore major themes in British social history.

Liverpool-born Kim Cattrall is determined to solve a family mystery that has endured for more than 70 years. When Kim's mother, Shane, was eight years old, her father disappeared. George Baugh walked out on his wife and three young daughters, and they never heard from him again. Now Kim wants to find out what happened to her grandfather and to resolve this mystery for her mother's and aunts' sake, as well as her own.

Kim begins her investigation in Liverpool. Her mother is over from Canada visiting her sisters, so it's the perfect opportunity for Kim to get them all together and find out what they know about their missing father. The sisters don't even know what their father looked like. In the only picture they have of George, he is an indistinct shape peering out from behind a curtain. They are desperate to know what happened to their father.

Kim has very few clues to go on, apart a newspaper article from the 1980s which mentions her grandfather's sister and the address she was living at then. Turning detective, Kim pieces together, bit by bit, what happened to her grandfather. Ultimately the trail leads to a shocking and painful discovery.

1 hour


Role Contributor
Director Elizabeth Dobson
Producer Colette Flight
Participant Kim Cattrall


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