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Episode 7

Episode 7 of 20

Kenneth Horne sets sail in a seafaring romp and bona caterers Julian and Sandy plan a 'do'. With Betty Marsden. From March 1967.

Kenneth Horne sets sail in seafaring romp 'The Admirable Loom Bucket and Rambling Syd Rumpo sings his Song Of The Hobo. Are Charles and Fiona home at last? and Bona Caterers Julian and Sandy are planning a 'do'.

With Kenneth Williams, Hugh Paddick, Betty Marsden and Bill Pertwee.

Recorded at the BBC's Paris Studio in Lower Regent Street, London. Announcer: Douglas Smith

Round The Horne was born out of the demise of BBC radio comedy Beyond Our Ken, after the end of writer Eric Merriman's involvement. Using the same cast and producer, Barry Took and Marty Feldman were persuaded to write the scripts - which led to four series that ran between 1965 and 1968 - packed full of parodies, recurring characters, catchphrases and double-entendres.

Music by Edwin Braden and the Hornblowers and The Fraser Hayes Four.

Producer: John Simmonds

First broadcast on the BBC Light Programme in March 1967.

30 minutes