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Proms Literary Festival - Tennyson

Andrew Motion talks to Matthew Sweet about Alfred, Lord Tennyson and Fiona Shaw performs Tennyson's poems in front of an audience.

Proms Literary Festival

Watch a webcast of the discussion - the link is below

Former poet laureate Andrew Motion introduces a personal choice of poems by another poet Laureate, Alfred Tennyson. Actress Fiona Shaw performs Andrew's choices, including excerpts from In Memoriam and The Lady of Shallot in front of an audience at the Royal College of Music.

Andrew also talks to Matthew Sweet about Tennyson, revealing him to be a much stranger poet than is generally believed - a troubled figured, rhapsodic in his poetry, both antiquated and modern. In his life he was touched by great joy and tragedy, yet was always willing to grasp the great issues of the Victorian Age, of history, faith and evolution.

20 minutes


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