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Bob Wilber

Traditional jazz clarinettist and saxophonist Bob Wilber joins Alyn Shipton for a look back at the highlights of his career, with recordings from the 1940s to the 2000s.

Eighty-one-year old Bob Wilber is one of the leading clarinettists and saxophonists in traditional jazz, and he joins Alyn Shipton to look back at the highlights of a career that began when Bob was a teenage pupil of the great Sidney Bechet. The programme covers recordings from the 1940s to the present day and includes Wilber's dramatic recreations of Ellington for the Francis Ford Coppola film The Cotton Club.

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Sat 16 May 2009 16:00


Music Played

  • Bob Wilber/Clive Wilson Jazz Band on New Orleans Nights

    West End Blues (Oliver)

    Performers: Clive Wilson (trumpet), Bob Wilber (clarinet), Ray Smith (piano), Alyn Shipton (bass), Dave Evans (drums). July 1986 NB NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE

    • Ascona Festival of New Orleans Music, 1986.
    • FNOM ML 936 Side 1, Tr 1..
  • Sidney Bechet with Bob Wilber's Wildcats

    Polka Dot Stomp

    Composer: Bechet, Tolliver Performers: Sidney Bechet (soprano saxophone), Bob Wilber (clarinet), Johnny Glasel (trumpet), Bob Mielke (trombone), Dick Wellstood (piano), Charlie Traeger (bass), Denny Strong (drums). 14 July 1947

    • Shake Em Up.
    • Avid.
    • AMSC 694 CD 2, Tr 11.
  • Bob Wilber

    Zig Zag

    Composer: Smith Performers: Bob Wilber (clarinet), Henry Goodwin (trumpet), Jimmy Archey (trombone), Dick Wellstood (piano), Pops Foster (bass), Tommy Benford (drums). 28 April 1949

    • ...and His famous Jazz band.
    • Jazzology.
    • JCD 44, Tr 11.
  • Bob Wilber

    Groovin at the Grunewald

    Composer: Wilber Performers: Bob Wilber (reeds), Dave McKenna (piano), Bill Crow (bass), Connie Kay (drums)

    • Original Wilber.
    • Phontastic.
    • Tr 19.
  • Bob Wilber's Crescent City Cats

    Charlie The Chulo

    Composer: Ellington Performers: Wallace Davenport (trumpet), Bob Wilber (clarinet), Dave Sager (trombone), Clarence Ford (baritone saxophone), Dave Bodenhouse (piano), Danny Barker (guitar), Dewey Sampson (bass), Freddie Kohlman (drums). New Orleans, Nov 1989

    • Dancing on a Rainbow.
    • Circle.
    • CCCD 159, Tr 2.
  • World's Greatest Jazz Band

    Up Up and Away

    Composer: Jimmy Webb Performers: Yank Lawson, Billy Butterfield (trumpet), Ed Hubble, Vic Dickenson (trombone), Bob Wilber (clarinet), Bud Freeman (tenor saxophone), Ralph Sutton (piano), Bob Haggar (bass), Gus Johnson (drums). 1971

    • At Manchester's Free Trade Hall, 1971.
    • Arbors.
    • ARCD 19343 CD 2, Tr 11.
  • Pug Horton


    Composer: Gates Performers: Pug Horton (vocals), Bob Wilber (clarinet), Roland Hanna (piano), Milt Hinton (bass). 30 May 1979

    • Don't Go Away.
    • Audiophile.
    • ACD 212, Tr 8.
  • Soprano Summit

    Swing Parade

    Composer: Bechet Performers: Bob Wilber, Kenny Davern (soprano saxophone), Marty Grosz (guitar), George Duvivier (bass), Connie Kay (drums). 20 April 1975

    • Soprano Summit 1975, from the archives of the New Jersey Jazz Society.
    • Arbors.
    • 19328 CD1, Tr 1.
  • Orchestra conducted by Bob Wilber

    Daybreak Express Medley

    Composer: Ellington Performers: Dave Brown, Marky Markowicz, Randy Sandke, Lew Soloff (trumpet), Dan Barrett, Joel Hellery, Britt Woodman (trombone), Bob Wilber, Lawrence fekdman, Joe Temperley, Frank Wess, Chuck Wilson (reeds), Mark Shane (piano), Mike Peter (banjo), John Goldsby (bass), Chuck Riggs (drums). 1984

    • Cotton Club Original Soundtrack.
    • Geffen.
    • 70260, Tr 15.
  • Bob Wilber and The Tuxedo Big Band of Toulouse

    Sweet and Slow

    Composer: Dubin, Warren Performers: Performers: Bob Wilber (clarinet), Paul Cheron, Stephane Lourties (alto saxophone), Michel Pastre, Gerard Batbie (tenor saxophone), Guy Robert (baritone saxophone), Jean Imbert, Eric Robert, Philippe Laudet, Jacques Sallent (trumpet), Laurent Hotta, Didier Pascal, Michel Chalot (trombone), Thierry Olle (piano), Henri Cheron (guitar), Pierre-Luc Puig (bass), Jean-Luc Giraud (drums), July 1999

    • Unrecorded Arrangements of Fletcher Henderson for Benny Goodman.
    • Arbors.
    • 19229, Tr 15.
  • Bob Wilber and Nik Payton

    Swinging the Changes

    Composer: Wilber Performers: Bob Wilber (alto saxophone), Nik Payton (tenor saxophone), Richard Busiakiewicz (piano), Dave Green (bass), Steve Brown (drum). Aug 2007.

    • Swinging the Changes.
    • Arbors.
    • 19358, Tr 2.