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Ian Carr

Alyn Shipton presents an archive interview with trumpeter, author and broadcaster Ian Carr, who selects some of his best recordings. With music by the Emcee Five.

Trumpeter, author and broadcaster Ian Carr is considered by some to be one of the most influential figures in British jazz.

Alyn Shipton features an archive interview, in which Carr selects some of his finest recordings. These include music by the Rendell-Carr Quintet, the Emcee Five and Nucleus, as well as movements from Neil Ardley's suite Kaleidoscope of Rainbows.

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Music Played

  • Nucleus

    Elastic Rock

    Composer: Jenkins Performers: Ian Carr, t; Brian Smith, ss, ts; Karl Jenkins, oboe, kb; Chris Spedding g; Jeff Clyne, b; John Marshall, d. 1970

    • Elastic Rock.
    • BGO.
    • CD47 CD1.
  • EmCee Five

    Stephenson's Rocket

    Composer: Mike Carr Performers: Ian Carr, t; Gary Cox, ts; Mike Carr, p; Spike Heatley, b; Ronnie Stephenson, d. London 14 Dec 1961. NB: Currently available as an import on the Japanese 3D label.

    • Bebop From The East Coast 1960/62.
    • Birdland.
    • MC596.
  • Acker Bilk and Stan Tracey’s Big Brass

    I'm Beginning to See The Light

    Composer: Ellington Performers: Ian Carr fh, solo, with Kenny Baker, Paul Tongay, Derek Watkins, Eddie Blair, Les Condon, t; Keith Christie, Don Lusher, Chris Pyne, Bobby Lamb, Chris Smith, tb; Tony Coe, Joe Harriott, Don Rendell, reeds, Stan Tracey, p; Lennie Bush, b; Barry Morgan, d. 20/21 Aug 1968.

    • Blue Acker.
    • Lake.
    • 218.
  • Rendell Carr Quintet

    Shades of Blue

    Composer: Ardley Performers: Ian Carr, t; Don Rendell, ts; Colin Purbrook, p; Dave Green, b; Trevor Tomkins, d. Oct 1/2 1964.

    • Shades of B lue.
    • BGO.
    • CD 615 CD 1.
  • Rendell Carr Quintet

    Black Marigolds

    Composer: Garrick Performers: as above but Mike Garrick p, replaces Purbrook. Rec 23 Feb 1967.

    • Phase III.
    • BGO.
    • CD 614 CD 1.
  • Neil Ardley, Ian Carr & Don Rendell - Delphi

    Composer: Ardley Performers: Ian Carr, t, fh; Don Rendell, ts; Barbara Thompson, fl, as; Karl Jenkins, ob, ss, bar; Frank Ricotti, vib, perc; Jack Bruce b; John Marshall, d. J Rothstein, K Isaacs, vn; K Essex, vla; C Tunnell, A Fleming, vc. Neil Ardley, director. 12 Oct 1969.

  • Ian Carr

    Persephone's Jive

    Composer: Carr Performers: Ian Carr, t; Brian Smith, ts; Chis Spedding, g; Jeff Clyne b; John Marshall, d. 19 Nov 1969

    • Greek Variations.
    • Universal Impressed / Repressed.
    • 986 689 9.
  • Neil Ardley

    Variation 1

    Composer: Ardley Performers: Neil Ardley, dir, synth; Ian Carr, t; Bob Bertles, Tony Coe, Brian Smith, Barbara Thompson, reeds; Geoff Castle, Dave McRae, kb; Ken Shaw, g; Roger Sutton, b; Rioger Sellers, d; Trevor Tomkins, perc. Rec 1976.

    • Kaleidoscope of Rainbows.
    • Dusk Fire.
    • 101.
  • Nucleus


    Composer: Bertles Performers: Ian Carr, t; Bob Bertles, reeds; Ken Shaw, g; Geoff Castle, kb; Roger Sutton, b; Roger Sellers, d. Rec 1976.

    • UK Tour 76.
    • MLP.
    • 13 CD 2.
  • Ian Carr

    Spirit of Place

    Composer: Carr Performers: Ian Carr, t; Phil Todd, ss, bcl, Kreisler String Orchestra, leader Michael Thomas. 23 Apr 1988

    • Old Heartland.
    • BGO.
    • CD 420 CD 2.


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