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Clever Monkeys

Episode 3 of 16

David Attenborough discovers some surprisingly human behaviour when he looks at monkeys, such as pygmy marmosets, bearded capuchins or white-faced capuchins.

David Attenborough's entertaining romp through the world of monkeys has a serious side: for when we look at monkeys, we can see ourselves. From memory to morality, from 'crying wolf' to politics, monkeys are our basic blueprint.

Pygmy marmosets 'farm' tree sap; bearded capuchins in Brazil develop a production line for extracting palm nuts; white-faced capuchins in Costa Rica tenderly nurse the victims of battle; and in the Ethiopian highlands, a deposed gelada baboon has got the blues.

Cheating, lying and bare-faced murder are all there too. These revelations of simian science, combined with captivating photography, make this film about monkey business our business.

50 minutes

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Wed 11 Sep 2019 00:15


Role Contributor
Narrator David Attenborough
Producer Tim Martin
Writer Mark Fletcher


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