PROFESSOR GILLES KEPEL argues that Europe must take the lead in dealing with the threat of jihadism. He examines why certain European countries have been attacked while others haven’t and how what he sees as the failure of multiculturalism in countries like Britain and the Netherlands may have played a part in this. Beyond Terror and Martyrdom: The Future of the Middle East is published by Harvard University Press.

Did you know that there are four full-scale enclaves left in Western Europe? These are small towns and villages that are ‘owned’ by one country but situated in another. Journalist and writer VITALI VITALIEV argues that these places are a forum for examining our notions of identity and nationality and are a symbol of cross-cultural collaboration. Passport to Enclavia is published by Reportage Press.

SIMON JENKINS, Chairman of the National Trust and one of Britain’s most prominent journalists, explores the history of Wales through its buildings, from the stone huts of the druids to the industrial landscape of mining pits. Charting over 4,000 years of culture, Jenkins argues that the Welsh are not as proud of their architectural heritage as they should be. Wales: Churches, Houses, Castles is published by Allen Lane.

This week marks the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a landmark event which will be marked by political leaders and activists all around the world. Human rights expert FRANCESCA KLUG, of the London School of Economics and Commissioner on the Human Rights and Equality Commission, examines its relevance then and now and explores how the Declaration challenged Enlightenment thinking. We ask to what extent it remains an aspirational document.

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