The Secret of Ageing

The Secret of Ageing
David Sinclair of Harvard Medical School has made an unlikely discovery, published this week's journal Cell. Genes which control ageing in yeast also control life span in mice. Mice were able to live 20% longer by manipulation of a protein. But what does this mean for humans? Geoff finds out.

Particle Accelerators prevent Wine Fraud
Imagine you’d paid £100,000 for a bottle of wine – only to discover that your prized ‘antique’ was a forgery. Now French scientists are using a particle accelerator to date wines. Rami Tzabar investigates.

House of Lords Science and Technology Committee
Where might you go to hear about some of the current and more controversial developments in genetics? In recent weeks Westminster, as the House of Lords Science and Technology committee investigate the future of genomics and medicine.

Minimising Pain
Oxford psychologist Professor Charles Spence has a unlikely new treatment for patients who suffer pain. While it may seem bizarre, viewing the affected area through a minimising lens lessens the pain.

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