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Laurie Taylor considers boxing in terms of race, class, and representation with Kasia Boddy and Professor Loїc Wacquant.

Laurie Taylor is joined by Kasia Boddy, author of Boxing: A Cultural history, and Professor Loїc Wacquant, sociologist, ethnographer and former apprentice boxer to consider the sport’s history in terms of race, class, and representation, from bare-knuckle fights to attempts to tame the Kray Twins.

Loïc Wacquant, Professor of sociology at the University of California-Berkeley, looks at the trend amongst academics and certain commentators for talking about “ghettoisation” in Europe’s cities, and questions the idea that our cities are becoming Americanised. He discusses his theory of ‘advanced marginality’, symptoms of which, he says, can be found on both sides of the Atlantic.

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