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The Tennis Court

By Jonathan Smith, set in England and India during WWII. Sam Greenwood is posted to India with the 14th Army while his haemophiliac brother Arthur has to remain at home in Kent.

By Jonathan Smith

Sam and Arthur Greenwood confide in each other about everything. But in 1943 Sam is posted to India with the 14th Army while his brother, a haemophiliac, remains at home in Kent. In April 1944 the Japanese Army surround the British forces in the small hilltop town of Kohima and, as the two sides face each other across the tennis court at the back of the Deputy District Commissioner's bungalow, Sam is haunted by a secret he has not shared with Arthur.

Sam ..... Dan Stevens
Arthur ..... Jot Davies
Mother ..... Celia Imrie
Lettie ..... Jasmine Hyde
Pearce ..... Thomas Arnold
Penny ..... Cressida Trew
Tom ..... Martin T. Sherman

Producer/director: Bruce Young.

1 hour


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