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Warm Flowers Make For Happy Bees - Interdependence

Quentin Cooper explores the remarkable relationships between flower producers and insect consumers in the competitive world of pollination.

Warm Flowers Make For Happy Bees

Flowers use colour, shape and even a special way of harnessing heat from the Sun to make the perfect environment to compete for the pollinating power of bees. Quentin Cooper talks to Heather Whitney and Lars Chittka to find out more about how flowers advertise themselves to bees. Also why bees are cognitive giants who can navigate an area the size of the congestion charge and memorise landmarks on the way with a brain the size of a pin head.

If everyone on Earth lived like the average person in Britain, we would need three planets. Geographer, Joe Smith and Earth scientist, Bob Spicer from the Open University join Quentin to discuss their concept of Interdependence - how our lives and lifestyles are linked to climate change and their ideas on developing workable ways to curb consumption and emissions around the world.

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