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Who Laughs Last

The celebrated GP meets his match with Scotland's stingiest widow. AJ Cronin dramatisation with John Gordon Sinclair. From November 2007.

Finlay meets his match in Meg Mirlees - the stingiest, meanest most cunning widow in Scotland.

Sue Rodwell's six-part dramatisation of AJ Cronin's stories about the early years of the celebrated doctor.

Ready with his black bag, Dr Finlay sets out to remedy all manner of ailments suffered by his patients in the Scottish Highland town of Levenford.

Stars John Gordon Sinclair as Dr Finlay, Brian Pettifer as Dr Cameron, Katy Murphy as Janet, Claire Nielson as Meg Mirlees and Sharon Small as Nurse Peggy.

Producer: Jeremy Howe

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2001.

30 minutes