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Fallon's with Ed in a bar, trying to tell him her feelings for him. She's getting close when Jazzer bursts in. Fallon's fed up, and tells him she and Ed are going on the river. He promptly invites himself along, and talks to Ed about some Russian girls he's met. Fallon desperately tries to change the subject back to Ed's birthday, but Ed says he'll be grape picking at Lower Loxley. What's more, Jazzer's arranging for Ed to make up a foursome with the Russians. Fallon gives up and goes home.

Kathy tells Sid that 'Owen' has attacked someone else, and that she's been interviewed. She's had to mention Sid's involvement to the police, and they may want to interview him. She apologises for dragging him into it. He says not to worry, but she says Owen's bound to tell them about Sid hitting him, and he needs to think about what he's going to say.

Later he tells Kathy the police have indeed asked him for an interview. Kathy doesn't want to make trouble for him, but he says he'll simply tell the truth. Sid has been waiting a long time for this - now's their chance to make sure Owen never does anything like this again.

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Wed 26 Sep 2007 14:00

Who knows their character best?

Timothy Bentinck and Felicity Finch

Actors Timothy Bentinck (David Archer) and Felicity Finch (Ruth Archer) go head-to-head.

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