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Gumming Up the Works

Episode 3 of 13

There's a five-star mess when HMS Troutbridge goes for a refill. Stars Jon Pertwee and Leslie Phillips. From September 1966.

There's a five star mess when the crew of HMS Troutbridge sail in for a refill.

Stars Leslie Phillips as the Sub-Lieutenant, Jon Pertwee as the Chief Petty Officer, Stephen Murray as the Number One, Richard Caldicot as Captain Povey, Heather Chasen as Mrs Povey, Ronnie Barker as Lieutenant Queeg, Tenniel Evans as the Admiral and Michael Bates as the Padre.

Laughs afloat aboard British Royal Navy frigate HMS Troutbridge. The Navy Lark ran for an impressive thirteen series between 1959 and 1976.

Scripted by Lawrie Wyman

Incidental Music by Tommy Riley and James Moody.

Producer: Alastair Scott Johnston.

First broadcast on the BBC Light Programme in September 1966

30 minutes