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The sleuth throws a drinks party to finger the gang leader. The conclusion of Francis Durbridge's thriller stars Peter Coke.

The sleuth throws a drinks party to try and finger the gang leader...

Conclusion of Francis Durbridge's thriller starring Peter Coke as Paul Temple and Marjorie Westbury as Steve - BBC radio's smoothest investigator and his glamorous wife.

Paul Temple …. Peter Coke
Steve …. Marjorie Westbury
Sir Graham Forbes …. James Thomason
Robert Ferguson …. John Glen
Helen Ferguson …. Grizelda Hervey
Dinah Nelson …. Valerie Kirkbright
Reggie Mackintosh …. Simon Lack
Charlie …. James Beattie
Mavis Russell …. Isabel Rennie
Mark Elliot …. William Fox
Clerk …. Peter Bartlett
Inspector Gerrard …. Rolf Lefebvre
Milson …. Lewis Stringer
1st Immigration Officer …. Frank Partington
2nd Immigration Officer …. Frederick Treves
Rudolph Charles …. Anthony Hall
Richard Ferguson …. Gabriel Woolf

Between 1938 and 1968, Francis Durbridge's incomparably suave amateur detective Paul Temple and glamorous wife Steve solved case after baffling case in one of BBC radio's most popular series. They inhabited a sophisticated, well-heeled world of cocktails and fast cars.

Producer: Martyn C. Webster.

First broadcast on the BBC Light Programme in December 1963.

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