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Mainwaring's platoon set off to grab some much-needed weapons. Adapted from TV, with Arthur Lowe. From February 1974.

The determination of Captain Mainwaring and his Home Guard platoon to fight to the last man is marred only by one small detail - a total lack of weapons.

Six years after legendary sitcom Dad's Army started on BBC TV, these specially adapted radio versions began recording with the original cast.

Starring Arthur Lowe as Captain Mainwaring, John Le Mesurier as Sergeant Wilson, Clive Dunn as Corporal Jones, Ian Lavender as Private Pike, John Laurie as Private Fraser, James Beck as Private Walker, Arnold Ridley as Godfrey, Eric Woodburn as George Jones and John Snagge as the announcer.

Adapted from Jimmy Perry and David Croft's original BBC TV scripts by Michael Knowles and Harold Snoad.

Producer: John Dyas

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in February 1974.

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