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Jet Morgan's crew return to Earth. Their problems are only just beginning. 1955 sci-fi classic set in 1972. Stars Andrew Faulds.

It’s April 1972, and Jet and his crew return to Mars in an attempt to avert the impending Martian invasion.

Completing the sci-fi trilogy, the third series in the adventures of Jet Morgan, Mitch, Doc and Lemmy is a continuation of the preceding stories, ‘Operation Luna’ and ‘The Red Planet’.


Jet Morgan …. Andrew Faulds
Stephen ‘Mitch’ Mitchell …. Don Sharp
Doc Matthews …. Guy Kingsley-Poynter
Lemmy Barnet …. Alfie Bass
Various …. Alan Tilvern
Various and Announcer …. David Jacobs

Music composed by Van Phillips

Written and produced by Charles Chilton.

First broadcast on the BBC Light Programme in September 1955.

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