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Men of Property

Episode 5 of 6

Albert and Harold set out to buy the yard's freehold. Adapted from TV with Wilfrid Brambell and Harry H Corbett. From June 1974.

Albert and Harold set out to buy their rag and bone yard's freehold.

Starring Wilfrid Brambell as Albert and Harry H Corbett as Harold. With Norman Bird, Jeanne Cook and Michael McClain.

Following the conclusion of their hugely successful association with Tony Hancock, writers Ray Galton and Alan Simpson wrote 10 pilots for the BBC TV's Comedy Playhouse in 1962. The Offer was set in a house with a yard full of junk, featuring the lives of rag and bone men Albert Steptoe and his son Harold and it was the spark for a run of 8 series for TV.

Written for TV and adapted for radio by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson.

Produced by Bobby Jaye

First broadcast on the BBC Radio 2 in June 1974.

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