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Episode 2

The alien children born in the rural village start to make their presence felt. Stars Charles Kay and Pauline Yates.

There are moral and security issues when all the women of child-bearing age in the village of Midwich simultaneously become pregnant by an alien force.

The classic 1957 sci-fi novel by John Wyndam dramatised by William Ingram.

Bernard Westcott …. Charles Kay
Gordon Zellaby …. Manning Wilson
Angela Zellaby …. Pauline Yates
Richard Gayford …. William Gaunt
Janet Gayford/Secretary …. Rosalind Adams
Ferrelyn Zellaby …. Jenny Quayle
Alan Hughes …. Gordon Dulieu
Vicar Leebody …. William Ingram
Doctor Willers …. Hugh Dickson

Music specially composed by Roger Limb of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

Director: Gordon House.

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in December 1982.

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