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Genetic Revelation

There's a colony of mutants in London and the only person who could fight them is dead. Stars Vincent Price and Peter Cushing.

Professor Curtis Lark and John Cornelius have established the existence of another colony of mutants in the heart of London, but the only person who could fight them is dead...

Starring Peter Cushing and Vincent Price.

John Cornelius ..... Peter Cushing
Curtis Lark ..... Vincent Price
Flora Kiery ..... Sandra Clarke
Ian Sanderson ..... Frazer Carr
Gulliver ..... William Eadle
Brigadier Sherman ..... Clifford Norgates
Gwynt ..... Michael Harbour
Manson ..... Andrew Sear
Home Office Official ..... James Thomason

Written by Rene Basilico from an idea by Robert Holmes.

Producer: John Dyas

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 1977.

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