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Hurried Exodus

Cornelius and Lark try to get Flora off the island of mutants. Starring Peter Cushing and Vincent Price.

On the Isle of Luig, Lark and Cornelius are certain the death of Dr Hugh Dexter was no accident. From his research notes, they diagnose a mysterious island sickness.

The key to the mystery seems to be an apparently simple-minded 18-year-old, Flora Kiery...

Starring Peter Cushing and Vincent Price.

John Cornelius ..... Peter Cushing
Curtis Lark ..... Vincent Price
Minister Donald Schooler ..... Henry Stamper
Shirley Kyle ..... Shirley Dixon
Flora Kiery ..... Sandra Clarke
Mary ..... Irene Sutcliffe
Police Sergeant ..... Frazer Carr
Purser ..... Andrew Sear

Written by Rene Basilico from an idea by Robert Holmes.
Producer: John Dyas

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 1977.

30 minutes