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Episode 1

Can Prince Dimitri atone for his mistakes and gain the forgiveness of Katerina? Stars Katherine Igoe and Richard Dillane.

Katerina Maslova is a young prostitute on trial for the murder of one of her clients.

Serving on the jury, Prince Dmitri recognises the young woman as the girl he seduced many years before. Believing himself partly responsible for her predicament, he embarks upon a complex legal attempt to reverse the sentence passed upon her.

Leo Tolstoy's last major work dramatised in two parts by Robert Forrest.

Katerina Maslova ...... Katherine Igoe
Dmitri Nikhloydov ...... Richard Dillane
Lydia Menshova ...... Vivienne Dixon
Vera Bogovskaya ...... Joanna Tope
Princess Marya ...... Lesley Hart
Anatoly Krylstov/Rizin ...... Joe Arkley
Gudz/Makar Dyerkin ...... John Buick

Director: Lu Kemp.

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in December 2006.

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