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William Boyd - A Haunting

A landscape architect starts acting very strangely. Has he been taken over by an unseen presence? Stars John Sessions, Liam Brennan and Eliza Langland.

A landscape architect finds himself taken over by an unseen presence in an aeroplane and is forced to make a strange drawing which he doesn't recognise.

He begins to act out of character, lusting after waitresses and butcher's assistants, growing a beard and behaving so strangely that he seems to have a breakdown...

William Boyd's ghost story stars John Sessions as Reif, Liam Brennan as John-Jo Harrigan/dider, Crawford Logan as Demarco / Giles Auchinleck, Eliza Langland as Leandra/Fiona, Emma Currie as Stella Reif / Encarnacion and Joanna Tope as Stewardess / Old Woman / Petra Fairbrother.

Director Dave Batchelor

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2001.

45 minutes

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