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Stuart Maconie's Dystopian Playlist

Stuart’s chosen tracks:

1. Smog Fog And Sunset by Seventh Wave
'From an album based on H.G. Wells' Things to Come'
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2. East Hastings by Godspeed! You Black Emperor
‘Doomy, Canadian, apocalyptic’
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3. 1984 by David Bowie
‘Orwellian rock ‘n’ roll’

4. Symphony No. 8, First Movement by Glenn Branca
‘Cataclysmic, guitars orchestra’

5. Mysterious Semblance At The Strand Of Nightmare by Tangerine Dream
‘At the strand of nightmare’
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6. Patterns by Noah Howard
‘Abstract, scary, free jazz’
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7. In The Year 2525 by Zager and Evans
‘…will man still be alive?’
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8. Excavation (Part 1) by The Haxan Cloak
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9. The Delian Mode by Delia Derbyshire/ The Radiophonic Workshop
‘Classic Radiophonic Workshop’

10. Kirkbymoorside by The Stranger
‘A nuclear winter on the Pennine moors’
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