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Super Sausage versus Evil Orange

by Saffron Gore, aged 9

Super Sausage Versus Evil Orange

Read by Jane Slavin from the BBC Radio Drama Company

One sunny morning, when Super Sausage thought he had a day off, his Sausage Senses started tingling, letting him know that perhaps things weren’t going to be so straightforward after all.

At first, he thought it would probably be the Mean Mushroom because he was always being mean to the other foods but when he looked out the window he saw Mean Mushroom playing happily in the park with a couple of bananas. “Hmmm, that can’t be right,” he said to himself and he looked again. It was then he saw the Evil Orange standing on the street and next to him was a peculiar looking machine.

On the street, Evil Orange smiled a dark smile to himself. His plan was brilliant: to turn the whole world orange! Just think! Orange apples, orange bananas, orange raspberries … it would be perfect! He had always liked the carrots, so he would probably leave them as they were, but the rest of the foods were well and truly in for it!

He pressed a big orange button on the machine next to him and it began to shake violently.

Looking down, Super Sausage fetched his binoculars and read the writing down the side of the machine (it was quite difficult to read as Evil Orange’s writing was very scruffy!): ‘The Oranginator’, it said. “What in the name of all that is fruity is an ‘Oranginator?” he thought to himself, as he watched the curious object begin to glow mysteriously.

Evil Orange clambered up on top of the Oranginator and picked up a long, thick, pulsing pipe. He aimed it Mean Mushroom and suddenly a stream of orange goo squirted straight at him! Luckily, Mean Mushroom and the bananas were playing a jumping game, and he jumped over it with only an inch to spare! Instead, the goo splatted onto the swings behind them and turned them all bright orange, leaving them glistening in the sunlight. “Darn it!” hissed Evil Orange.

“Oh! That evil orange!” gasped Super Sausage. As quick as lightening, Super Sausage rushed out of his sausage mansion and raced down to the road. Silently, on tiptoes, he sneaked up behind Evil Orange and unleashed his fearsome weapon: millions of tiny sausages that he fired from his eyes at top speed!

“What’s going on!” yelled Evil Orange, in anger!

“I know your despicably evil plan, you ‘orrible orange, you!” shouted Super Sausage, “You won’t get away with it! Trying to turn the whole world orange! Imagine!” Super Sausage forged a cage from sausages and called for back up on his mobile phone (which, ironically, was powered by Orange!).

After a few seconds the Pineapple Police appeared, running towards the criminal. They frantically pushed Evil Orange into the cage and shoved the cage into a police van.

“I’ll be back!” threatened Evil Orange.

“In your dreams, Evil Orange,” replied Super Sausage, smiling happily.

The van drove off into the distance, whilst the machine slowly rumbled to a stop.
Everyone was safe at last!

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