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Who’s who in Craiglang: the definitive Still Game cheat sheet

Lifelong friends Jack Jarvis and Victor McDade are neighbours in Osprey Heights, a tower block in Craiglang, Glasgow. They may now have entered their twilight years, but they’re still game for life’s adventures.

The pair navigate these changing times with a cheeky pint or two down at their local pub, ‘The Clansman’, and this assortment of auld allies...

Jack Jarvis

Played by Ford Kiernan

Jack now spends the majority of his time with his best friend, Victor. Often rounding off a day of pensioner adventure visiting the local pub.

A stoutly built man, Jack is easily spotted with his white hair, moustache and signature bunnet.

After his wife Jean passed away and his daughter Fiona emigrated to Canada, Jack has plenty of time to act as Victor’s sidekick in mischief. While he’s happy to be led by Victor, he’s also known to speak up when he’s unhappy with something... or someone.

Jack’s none too impressed with this week’s shopping haul
Jack and Victor try to appeal to Craiglang’s disgruntled youth

Victor McDade

Played by Greg Hemphill

After 60 years of friendship, Victor McDade knows Jack better than anyone; they’re like brothers. Victor is quite happy leading his wide-eyed best friend into mischief, especially if it’s in the Clansman over a pint.

Victor may be blunt and crabbit, but he cares about his friends and is never happier than when they’re having a laugh together — usually at the expense of Boabby.

Victor normally gets stuck with the task of getting his friends out of mischief.

Victor talks to the dead
Jack and Victor smash up Tam’s booze den

Winston Ingram

Played by Paul Riley

Winston is a good friend of Jack and Victor, known for his attempts to make money to boost his pension, with a weakness for gambling.

Much like Isa, Winston is a bit of busybody, which often leads to him getting embroiled in arguments with the other pensioners.

He tries to garner favour with his friends by using the fact that he’s an amputee having, “Smoked his leg aff!” with an 80-a-day smoking habit — not that he’s always successful in doing so!

Winston’s celebrations get cut short
Winston and Isa try to convince Harry they’re a couple

Isa Drennan

Played by Jane McCarry

Craiglang’s biggest gossip, Isa will stop at nothing to find out all the latest goings-on in town. She has the inside track on everyone, and working in Navid’s shop as the cleaner gives her the chance to clean up on the local news.

Due to her busybody nature, Isa can’t help but get involved in mischief. She often turns to Navid for advice, as her naivety normally gets the better of her.

As much as the men sometimes roll their eyes when they see her coming, there’s a real love and friendship towards Isa and she’s regarded fondly in the local community. Isa might have a big mouth, but she’s got an even bigger heart.

Isa interrogates Winston about the contents of his shopping basket
Isa works it out

Thomas ‘Tam’ Mullen

Played by Mark Cox

Tam is Craiglang’s resident cheapskate, always tricking people into giving him free belongings or buying him a drink.

Married to the local librarian, Frances, Tam became a first time dad to Tam Junior at the age of 70, immediately cashing in on this with advertising deals and TV appearances.

Tam is a miser and, much to everyone’s chagrin, quite lucky. He often wins competitions for free goods. Even though he’s completely tight, underneath it all Tam has proven he’s there to help his friends... especially if he gets a wee pint for his troubles at the end.

Robert ‘Boabby The Barman’ Taylor

Played by Gavin Mitchell

Boabby is the long-suffering barman at the group’s local pub, The Clansman.

Often on the receiving end of verbal abuse, Boabby tries to give just as good as he gets — not that the pub’s patrons will take it lying down!

His customer service may be lacking, but Boabby can frequently be seen doing unexpected things, either to keep his business afloat or just to be kind to his friends, especially Isa, for whom he’s quick to stick up whenever anyone does her wrong.

Boabby tries to decorate The Clansman, despite protests from his regulars
Isa’s no Mary Berry, as Boabby finds out

Navid Harrid

Played by Sanjeev Kohli

Navid runs the local corner shop, ‘Harrid’s’, with his wife Meena, who often nags him from the stockroom.

Grumpy and blunt, Navid is the master of one-liners, speaking in a unique way that combines his native Indian accent with various Glaswegian slang terms.

He’s often seen giving advice to his cleaner, Isa, and trying to keep her out of trouble.

Navid breaks down Isa's scary future

Eric ‘Auld Eric’ Jones

Played by James Martin

Often acting younger than his age, retired fireman Auld Eric spent a lot of his time in The Clansman on the fruit machine.

He was also the first to be picked to cover for Boabby as barman.

Eric was known for telling tall tales, embellishing on his many years of experience.

He passed away during Grim Up North (episode 2 of series 8).

Michael ‘Methadone Mick’ Doherty

Played by Scott Reid

Methadone Mick is a recovering drug addict who lives under a bridge.

His most defining feature: his enormous false teeth.

He relies on the kindness of Jack, Victor, and their friends — and tends to make a mess wherever he goes.

Jack, Victor, and Isa get Methadone Mick cleaned up for a job interview

Hugh ‘Shug’ McLaughlin

Played by Paul Young

Shug (a.k.a. ‘Shug The Lug’) is a another regular in The Clansman, who often finds himself mixed up in the group’s shenanigans.

He was a communications officer during World War II and is a self-proclaimed expert in radios and soundwaves who often relies on his big ears to hear through walls.

They’re back! Trailer for Still Game, Series 8

Boabby’s business is floundering.

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