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Calum Scott: What I'd do with Katy Perry on a day out in Hull

This month, Radio 1 brings Big Weekend and The Academy to Hull and for many of the people involved, this might be the first time they've ever visited the city.

So who better to give big name stars (such as Big Weekend headliner Katy Perry) a bit of advice about Hull than Calum Scott, who was born and bred in the 2017 UK capital of culture. He has also been working with Radio 1 Academy and talking about the success of his hit, Dancing On My Own.

Here's how Calum would spend his dream day with Katy Perry in Hull. It involves penguins, pints and a trip to see his mum...

What are the important things in Hull that you’d want Katy to see?

"I'd have to take her to The Deep, which I believe is the world's only 'submarium' - an aquarium under the water - it's pretty impressive for Hull, considering. There are penguins there and all sorts of stuff to see and do, so that'd be really cool.

"I'd take her to my mum's house because my mum would love to meet Katy and I think it would keep her down to earth, to introduce her to the parents."

Calum wants to take Katy to meet his mum

If you wanted to take her for food, where would you go?

"There's a really nice restaurant on the marina, with all the boats next to the River Humber. On a sunny day it's really nice because you can sit outside and it's quite a posh place. You have to be dressed quite smart to get in and there's a grand piano in there, it's very nice.

I could just take her to the chippy and get her a patty and chips
Calum Scott

"Back in the day, my mum said the marina was the place to be. Everyone used to go there on bank holidays and it was a really up-and-coming part of town. But then that moved back into the city centre and the marina got a bit neglected. Now, with Hull being the Capital of Culture there's a whole lot more money being put back into that area.

"I tell you what, instead of this posh restaurant, up in Hull they have this thing called patty, it's potatoes and sage and onion all mixed together, made into a flat patty and then deep fried. They serve that with chips and chip spice. Chip spice is like peri-peri spice, but Hull had it first.

"I could just take her to the chippy and get her a patty and chips with chip spice. That's so much better than taking her to a fancy restaurant. She's been to plenty of fancy restaurants."

Watch Calum Scott perform Dancing On My Own

What’s your favourite place to go for a pint and why?

"I'd take her to a place in Hessle, where I used to live, right next to the Humber Bridge. You can sit outside and you're by the river, there's the bridge.

"There are plenty of other places that are a bit more of a dive that I’d probably avoid until about two or three in the morning, but for a first little drink, here would be a good start."

Where are the best places to go in Hull to hear live music?

"The City Hall is probably one of the best venues; I’ve played a headline show there. That was sold out and it was incredible. There's a place on the fruit market, called Fruit, which is where I played my first homecoming gig as Maroon 4 there. I used to be in a tribute band to Maroon 5.

"Every year we have this thing called Freedom Festival. They have stages all round the town, there's a huge stage in Queen's Gardens, that's really cool.

"I've never been involved in Freedom Festival as an act, I have as a guest. What was quite nostalgic about the City Hall gig I did was that I was in a local Hull competition called Star Search quite a few years ago. I came third. I went back again, determined to win it and I did. Fast forward four years, I was stood there again as a signed artist with a full set of my own original songs. It was an emotional moment for sure."

"I've been to all these places and experienced it all in some way."

Watch Calum Scott perform a homecoming gig in Hull

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If you fancied heading to a club, where would you take Katy?

"Newland and Princes Avenues in Hull, both of those streets are like strips with bars and restaurants on them, surrounded by student accommodation, because University of Hull is nearby.

"One of the clubs I like to go to is called Tofts, that's one place I can go and not be surrounded by kids. What I find now, is all the places I used to go when I was younger, everyone there is 18. I'm ten years older now, I feel a bit weird being surrounded by kids, and I don't like it! I like being around people of my own age.

"Not that there's anything wrong with 18 year olds, but in an environment like that I see them and just see young kids. I'd rather be with my mates."

The Big Weekend takes place in Hull on 27 and 28 May 2017

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