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Chance meetings that sparked wonderful relationships

Two tortoises who loved - and lost

The divorce that shook the reptilian world

A relationship between two tortoises ended suddenly after 100 years and no one knows why

My flamingo housemate

My housemate Bob, the chilled flamingo of Curaçao

Vet Odette Doest looks after an injured flamingo called Bob

Up on the roof with Croatia's stork soulmates

The story of Croatia's stork soul mates

Croatia's beloved stork couple Klepetan and Malena are cared for by Stjepan Vokić

We met at gender reassignment clinic - and now we're a couple

Meet India's first complete transgender couple

India's first complete transgender couple are hoping to marry

I fell in love on my journey into work

A commuter romance

Zöe Folbigg fell in love with a man she saw on her way to work every day

How George Clooney's voice fell in love with Michelle Pfeiffer's

How the voices of two Hollywood greats fell in love

A love story between the Italian voices of George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer

We finally got together after 42 years of letters

The pen pals who met after 42 years of writing

Lori Gertz and George Ghossn wrote to each other from childhood, but only met in their 50s

Searching for a sweetheart for the world's loneliest frog

Romeo: The loneliest frog on earth

Biologist Teresa Camacho Badani spent 10 years searching for a partner for Romeo the frog

I met my fish friend underwater - 30 years ago

My best friend, Yoriko the fish

Japanese diver Hiroyuki Arakawa and Yoriko the fish have known each other for 30 years

The stray dog that bonded with me on a marathon

The marathon runner and the stray dog

Meet Dion Leonard who struck up an unlikely friendship with a stray dog called Gobi.

A couple united by the sweets of their native land

A love story that began with boxes of baklava

From Baghdad to a Californian bakery - the Iraqi couple who fell in love over sweets

Our countries don't get on - but cricket brought us together

India v Pakistan - Friends through cricket

Lifelong cricket fans Deepak and Shariq on how cricket brought them together as friends.

Reality TV rivals' unexpected love story

Ditching The Bachelor for my rival

Minh Thu and Truc Nhu on why their love story went viral

A man who found a whole new family

The family who formed backwards

Years after donating to a sperm bank, Aaron Long decided to find out if he had any kids