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Digital Match: Dynamic Inventor


You’re independent, enthusiastic and cackle in the face of stress. You’re the opposite of a barometer—you don’t feel the pressure.

Like a climber atop Everest, you’re a high achiever. But you don’t mind breaking rules to get to the top. A climber who takes the lift.


You’d take to project management, cyber security and business analysis like a crispy duck to pancakes.


Starting salaries for business analyst roles average £26,000 and by the time you are 30 you could be in a senior role earning over £71,000.

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The Digital Future

Three reasons to work in digital

1. Economic oracles predict it’ll grow four times as fast as other sectors in the next decade.

2. That’s a lot of jobs, and not enough people with the skills to do them. So: rich pickings.

3. It’s great for finding a job that matches your interests. Music, fashion, sport, games—they all need digital experts. Do something you love. You’ll never work a day in your life.

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