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Servicing Stop

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Servicing Stop

19/07/17 Car servicing company selling motorists repairs they don’t need.

Servicing Stop works with a network of more than 1,500 approved garages to provide customers with a convenient and cost-effective way of servicing their cars. They say they’ve a proven track record of keeping customers happy – with more than 97% satisfied last year. And they maintain their team advises customers on additional work that’s recommended by garages, with a full cost breakdown provided – and there’s no obligation for this work to be carried out.

They do acknowledge problems occasionally arise, but say they always address them head on when made aware of any concerns – and it suspends garages that fall short of its standards until issues are resolved. In the case of the car WE took in – they’ve suspended the garage and offered a full refund.

They maintain they are not breaking the law, they conduct thorough checks on the garages, and that they don’t mislead customers, overcharge, or sell unnecessary parts or work to consumers.