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A cat's guide to breaking the Internet

It was only a matter of time before cats took over the world. We just needed a vehicle, and we found it. Social media, babies. The British public alone share more than 3.8 million online photos and videos of cats every day. I’ve curated some clips for you below – some of these guys are now SO big you might have to put up with a bit of advertising…

Keyboard Cat

First off, one of the guys who broke the brand… Taught Kanye everything he knows.

Nyan Cat

Are you a small child or desperately bored? If so, this is the cat for you. It never EVER stops. Whatever you think of it, it’s had 122 million views on YouTube. It’s all about the clicks, chicks.


We’ve all had days where our booty just don’t fit. Here’s Maru to tell us how to work it. “Honey, If I sits, I fits.“

Grumpy Cat

And if you’ve just been to see Dr. Plastique and can’t quite manage a smile for medical reasons, that’s just FINE. My boy Grumpy Cat's made a reported £64 million without ever cracking a grin.

Cat In A Shark Costume Chases A Duck While Riding A Roomba

Success on social is about seeing the magic in the everyday. You know, just basic stuff like this...

Cats Playing Patty Cake

Also, when you’re being filmed all the time, you need the moves. Practise, practise, practise.


Of course it’s really important not to neglect your intellectual side. I nurture mine with Henri Le Chat Noir for all my feline existential needs.


Also bear in mind that a few friends with a high follower count doesn’t hurt. Like maybe… Whoopi Goldberg and Michelle Obama. Y’know. Pizza buddies.


But even with nearly 300,000 followers, some of us are just… well… sad.

So me and my crew want to thank you. Truly. Thanks for the internet, humans. Just don’t expect to get it back any time soon.

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