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Stardust, Neil Gaiman Drawing Competition 2016 - Terms and Conditions

Stardust, Neil Gaiman Competition 2016 - Terms and Conditions
1. BBC Radio 4’s Neil Gaiman’s Stardust drawing competition (the “Competition”) is open to all UK residents (including residents of the Channel Islands and the Isle Of Man) aged 13 years of age or older except BBC employees, their close relatives and anyone connected with the competition. The BBC reserves the right to request proof of age for entrants as well as parent’s or guardian’s consent (if aged 16 or below) You are not permitted to enter if you are a professional artist (the majority of your income must not be generated from designing or selling artwork for you to be eligible to enter). Only one entry per person may be submitted. No joint entries will be allowed.

2. To enter the Competition entrants must:
• design artwork for the Radio 4’s Stardust drama
• complete the competition entry form

3. There are two methods of entry:
• By post: send the entry form that can be downloaded from the BBC Radio 4 website (
• By email: email your art, along with your entry form to

4. If using a computer programme to produce an entry, the design must still be all the entrant's own work. Materials such as clip art or photographs/internet images will disqualify the entry.

5. If entrants submit more than one entry, we will judge the first entry received and disregard the others.

6. The entry must be the entrant’s own original work and not defame nor breach any copyright or contain anything that could be deemed offensive.

7. All submissions must include: the entrant’s name, age, date of birth (if individual is aged 16 or under), address including postcode, parent/guardian’s name (if individual is aged 16 or under) and a contact telephone number which can be filled in on the appropriate sections of the entry form. Entrants must ensure they have read the Terms and Conditions. This must be confirmed by completing the entry form. The telephone number provided must allow you to be contacted between the 26th October 2016 to 26th November 2016

8. All postal entrants must enter the Competition by submitting their design and entry form to:
Stardust Drawing Competition
BBC Old Broadcasting House
Radio 4
Portland Place

9. Entries must be RECEIVED by no later than midnight on Wednesday 26th October 2016. Late, incomplete or illegible entries will be disqualified. The BBC cannot take any responsibility for any technical failure or malfunction, including but not limited to any affecting internet, email or postal services, which may result in any entry being delayed, lost or not properly registered or recorded. The BBC will not be able to return entries.

10. By submitting an entry for the Competition, the entrant (and the entrant’s parent/guardian/ loco parentis if aged 16 or below) is deemed to have given consent for the entry to be published by the BBC/BBC Worldwide in all media, including television, print and internet, for all purposes as it wishes. The BBC may wish to display entries containing an entrant’s name. If the entrant is aged 16 or below then in all of the above instances working in line with the BBC’s Child Protection Policy, to prevent jigsaw identification of any entrant. BBC Radio 4 may wish to display entries containing an entrant’s name in a website gallery or on Facebook and/or Twitter or on BBC (RADIO/TV) as they come in throughout the Competition entry window. BBC’s conditions on contributions apply to the Terms and Conditions and can be found

11. All entries will be judged in the first instance by members of the BBC iPlayer Picture Editors team. This first judging panel will decide which entries should be put forward to the second stage of judging. The first judging round will select no more than 10 best entries for each of the following age categories:

Category 1: Entrants aged 13-16
Category 2: Entrants aged 17 and over.

For each age category 3 back-up entries will be ranked in order of merit to act as standbys to replace any entries that in the verification process need to be excluded from the competition.

12. The second judging stage will look at the 10 best entries for each age category (20 entries in total) and be carried out by a judging panel made up of award-winning illustrator Chris Riddell; Sophie Rundle, actor from the drama; professional artist Sean Phillips and Jeremy Howe, Commissioning Editor for Radio 4 drama. From the 20 entries, the panel will choose the top entry in each age category (two entries in total).

13. Criteria
All entries will be judged against the following criteria:

• Creative - The illustration must be original, imaginative and striking.
• Original - The illustration must be unique and not replicate any existing Stardust images (such as characters, settings or story)
• Engaging – The illustration needs to hold the attention of the viewer

14. The prizes consist of:

Prizes will be awarded to: 1 Winner from each category, 2 winners in total

The two competition winners will have their work featured as the episode image for the drama. One winner will be selected from each of the following categories: aged 13 - 16, the 17 and over - adult category.
Each winner will receive a print from Neil Gaiman with a signed note.
Each winner will receive a script signed by the actors in the drama.

15. Telephone calls will be made to the 20 short listed entrants and their parent/guardians on Tuesday 1st, Wednesday 2nd and Thursday 3rd November 2016 in order to check eligibility. If an entrant is unable to be contacted after reasonable attempts have been made to do so, the BBC reserves the right to offer their place to the next best entrant. Unsuccessful entrants will not be contacted. Entries cannot be returned to entrants.

16. Radio 4 may need to make minor reasonable modifications to the winning story/storyboard, however the illustrations featured shall recognisably be the winning design of the Competition.

17. The prizes will be as stated. The prizes cannot be transferred and there is no cash alternative.

18. The winner and top entries will be notified from Monday 21st November 2016 (at some point during that week) by telephone, as per the contact details provided in their entry. In the event of the winner being unable to be contacted, after reasonable attempts have been made, or if the winner is found to be in breach of the rules or fails to take up their prize for any reason, including illness, unavailability, licensing difficulties, the BBC reserves the right to offer the prize to a runner-up who will be ranked in order of merit but it is not obliged to do so.

19. The BBC's and the judges' decision as to the winner is final. No correspondence relating to the Competition will be entered into.

20. Entrants will be expected to take part in post-Competition publicity for the BBC.

21. The BBC reserves the right to cancel the Competition or change any of these rules at any stage if deemed necessary in its opinion or if circumstances arise outside of its control. Any such changes will be duly communicated. The BBC cannot be held responsible for any unforeseen events relating to, or the cancellation of any related element of this Competition outside of the control of the BBC.

22. The BBC will only use your personal details for the purposes of administering this competition and will not publish them or share them with anybody not connected to this competition without your permission first.

Your personal data will be kept securely and access limited only to those who need to use the information for this purpose and your details will be deleted within one month of the competition closing. Please be aware that sending personal data by email may not be secure as email messages can be intercepted.

Further information about how the BBC handles information can be found at

28. The applicant or the parent/guardian of an applicant, is deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions when consenting to the application of the relevant entrant.

29. The Competition complies with the BBC Code of Conduct for Competitions and Voting

30. If any of these clauses should be determined to be illegal, invalid or otherwise unenforceable then it shall be severed and deleted from these Terms and Conditions and the remaining clauses shall survive, remain in full force and effect.

31. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. The courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any claim, dispute or matter arising under or in connection with these Terms and Conditions.