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Steve Lamacq’s Goth World Cup

It's time to apply your eyeliner, backcomb your hair and join Steve Lamacq on the terraces at the Goth World Cup.

We started on Monday with 16 teams in the hat for what promised to be a tightly fought contest.

Natasha Scharf joined us for a gallop through a history of the genre and to draw the ties for the first round:

Goth Expert Natasha Scharf launches 6 Music's 1st Goth World Cup

Steve and Natasha gallop through a history of the genre and draw the 16 teams

..and after many matches, an upset or two, online scuffles and a week of glorious goth music, this is how it all panned out.

Steve Lamacq announces the winner of 6 Music's inaugural Goth World Cup

Lammo runs through the tournament with expert Natasha Scharf, and crowns the champion...

Lol seemed happy...

Here's the chart for purists