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Contact forms allow you to add a form for the public to get in touch. You can choose the field headings and customise the form.

You Will Need

  • Approval - Contact forms must not be created without the user first obtaining approval from the DNA Team. This approval will not be given unless you have approval from Data Protection, Information Security. If the form is part of an award process, competition, vote or charity appeal please speak to ITACU ( who will advise the best way to run these forms. It is a good idea to start the contact form process as early as possible, the different areas of sign-off do not work to production timelines.
  • Content Block Name - This is to help you find your page in iSite2. It will not be displayed.
  • Contact Form Field Titles – The fields you would like to comprise the Contact Form.
  • Email address – The place you want the contact form to send entries to.

Before You Start

Get Multiplatform sign-off for the full and final text. Then get approval from MyBBC for your contact form. If you need any contact names email R&

Go to iSite2 and select the project you want to work on. If you do not have access to the correct group, please contact R&

Quick Guide

  1. Create a Contact Form - If you are in an Article Page, click the blue create new link below Primary or Secondary Content and select Content - Contact Form. Alternatively, navigate to the Project Dashboard tab and click the blue create new link by Content - Contact Form.
  2. Add Content Block Name - Give your page a useful name that you can easily find in iSite2.
  3. Add Details - Select Radio & Music from the drop-down menu beneath Site ID and add a Disclaimer.
  4. Add Form Fields - Add a Title for your first field and select Text Field from the drop-down menu.You can choose if it is a mandatory field or not. Add more fields by clicking Insert Below.
  5. Save, Preview and Publish - Click the orange save button and then click the green publish button. If you don't publish now you will be prompted when you publish your article or profile page. You can preview how your contact form looks from the article page in iSite2. More information about Article pages in iSite2.
  6. Administer Form - Contact forms are administered through your BBC ID account. Sign into your account and if you have the rights to moderate the form you will see an orange Administer this contact form link at the top of your contact page. Click the link. Find your contact form in the database, enter the email address you wish the audience entries to go to in the Contact Form Email Address. Then click Update.

If you do not have access to administer the form the contact R&

For more information: Download the Step-By-Step guide to creating contact forms in iSite2.

Optional Functions

  • Add Subject Title - You can give your contact form an optional subject title.
  • Add Introduction - You can also add an introduction to appear at the top of the form.

The form does not display correctly if you have a line break in either the intro or the disclaimer for your contact form.

To make it display correctly remove the line break.

The form URL has changed so you will need to re-enter the email address for the new configuration.

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