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Introducing Tiny Happy People

A taste of what we have to offer.

Launching in early 2020, Tiny Happy People is BBC Education's most ambitious and exciting initiative to date.

Across the UK, 20% of children are starting school with a language delay, rising to 40% in areas of high social deprivation in England and up to 60% in Scotland.

Over the coming years, we want to halve the language gap among children aged under 5 across the UK. At the heart of our plan is a simple behaviour change - getting parents to talk to their children from a very early age.

We’re taking a multi-platform approach, serving our messages and resources to young parents and carers through broadcast, social media and online platforms, and childcare and healthcare settings on the ground.

We’ve already been exploring the impact of this strategy. In a recent pilot, 96% of parents said they would use our resources again and 92% of healthcare professionals said they would recommend our resources to parents.

It's a huge task that we can't achieve alone, so we're inviting you to join us and those already working with us on our joint mission. Whoever you are – big, small, commercial, charitable, not-for-profit – we’d like you to get in touch so that we can continue the conversation and find out how we can do this together.

Please email your details to the BBC Tiny Happy People Team -

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