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About the Make it Digital Quiz

Where did my result come from?

The questions in the Make it Digital Quiz are inspired by the behaviour assessment tool DISC, based on work by US psychologist William Moulton Marston. DISC theory groups people by looking at how they interact with the world around them, how they view their world and how much control they have over it. It’s used in lots of different ways but mainly there to help people learn about themselves.

For the Make it Digital Quiz there are 10 different profiles linked to the DISC groupings all of which relate to personality profiles that you can use to your advantage in digital and tech careers.

The learning resources for the Make it Digital Quiz were originally collected for the Digital Matchr. These were compiled by The Tech Partnership, the skills arm of the Information Economy Council and recognised by the UK government as the Industrial Partnership for the Information Economy, supported by Google. Out of these resources for the Make it Digital Quiz we have selected three resources for each profiles with the help of students at ADA College, The National College for Digital Skills. You can read more about what the students at ADA College got up to here

Why is this so important?

Over a million new jobs will be created in the technology sector over the next decade as the UK’s workforce adapts to the digital economy, according to research by employer network, The Tech Partnership. This growth in digital job opportunities is predicted to be four times that in other sectors of the economy. What's more, there aren't enough people entering the jobs market with the right skills to fill these roles. With salaries much higher than the national average there's an exciting opportunity for people that develop these skills.

If you’d like to find out more about this, in February 2015 the House of Lords Select Committee on Digital Skills published Make or Break: The UK's Digital Future looking at existing skill, salary levels and the future needs of the digital industry while Tech City's Tech Nation and Propel London look at skill and salary levels in the UK