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About Ffolio

Do you have a creative mind?

Have you ever wanted to make a film?

The Ffolio is for you.

If you’ve got an idea, come and join Ffolio and we’ll help you to make it happen.

Ffolio is about finding new creative talent in Wales, and getting new ideas on screen. We’re looking for people who want to create that we can help you to turn into short films designed for BBC channels and platforms.

Who can apply?
We’re looking for anyone with an idea, who wants to take the journey to turning a new idea into a professional short film

You can come from any creative background: dancers, actors, performers, musicians, writers, film makers, comedians, visual artists, animators, poets, storytellers, games designers and more.

You don’t need experience in film to apply. This is about ideas and about new directions. We’re really keen to hear from artists of all backgrounds, identities,abilities and cultures.

What kind of ideas are we looking for?
We want to see proposals for fresh, innovative short films. What hasn’t been done? What could be done? Take a risk, and see if you can capture something new. The ideas can be serious, comedic, musical, absurd, challenging, provocative or abstract. We’re looking for you to push the boundaries of what a short film can be, and unlock its potential on screens of all kinds.

We’d love to work together to make people think, smile and feel, and encourage new ways of understanding the world and ourselves. Try to think differently and tell us what you’d really like to do.

Find more details in The Brief and the FAQ