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BBC OS with Nuala McGovern - combining your stories and ours

You can shape the programme using social media. Tell us what the important conversations are where you are in the world. If you’re living in the middle of a news story, share your experience.

You can also comment on the conversations we’re already hosting. Reply to the people you hear and tell us about your own perspective. We’ll try to include your comments in the radio programme. We may also call you to take part on air.

You can listen live on BBC World Service at 1500 - 1700 GMT, Monday to Friday.

If you can’t listen live, you can stream previous episodes.

How can I take part?

You can message us on WhatsApp

Add this number to your phone: +447730751925. Use it to share your experience of a story in a video or voice message. We may then share your messages online or make them part of the radio programme.

Like the BBC World Service Facebook page

Find us on Facebook to see the latest conversations on BBC World Service. You can comment on the threads and share.

Follow us on Twitter

Follow us, get updates from the programme and to talk to us on our Twitter page.

What are the house rules?

If you’re taking part online …

If you contact us in public – on Twitter or on our Facebook threads – we may read your comments out on the radio, along with the name and location you make public on that platform. We may also repost your comment online.

If you contact us in private – on WhatsApp or in the Facebook private inbox – then we may read out your comment on air. If you don’t want your name, location or comment made public, please tell us and we will respect your wishes.

We monitor our public Facebook threads

These are things that might lead to your comment being deleted:

  • Is the comment irrelevant to the discussion on the thread where it's posted?
  • Is it abusive?

We consider the BBC’s Editorial Guidelines on things like taste and decency and the possible legal implications of contributions which may be defamatory or in contempt of court.

On Twitter, we may retweet or repost a selection of your tweets on the BBC OS feed to represent a spread of opinion on a given topic.

If you have been in touch with us on WhatsApp, we may contact you again at a later date about topics which we think might interest you – for example, something happening in your country. Please message us to tell us if you would rather not be contacted again.

If you’re taking part on the radio …

There are a few things that you can expect from us, and a few things that we ask of you in return. Here's how it works.

Before the programme

One of our team will have at least one conversation with you before going on air. This gives us a chance to find out more about your opinions and experiences, as well as confirming how you want to be introduced on air. It also gives you a chance to ask any questions that you may have ahead of taking part.

During the programme

  • We'll try to make sure you are given a proper opportunity to express yourself. You can expect to be spoken to courteously and respectfully by the presenter and the other guests.
  • We want the show to be a conversation, so please no speeches. Rather make one point, or share one experience and let the others taking part respond to what you have to say. You may well get further opportunities to add to what you've said later in the show.
  • Feel free to speak to each other directly. You don't need to wait for the presenter to ask you into the conversation.
  • By all means challenge what others say and respond to them but please be respectful of other's opinions and their right to express them.
  • Be yourself! BBC OS wants to hear from people all over the world, just as you are. Don't do anything differently because you're on the BBC.

After the programme

If you have any questions or issues that you want to raise with us about your experience on the air, you’re welcome to contact us in all the ways we describe above or talk to the producer who was in touch with you.

Thanks to everyone for taking part in BBC OS.

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