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'This magnificent station could never be rebuilt'

Glasgow's Central Station is a place of wonder for historian Paul Lyons.

Central Station has been a constant presence for generations of travellers in Scotland. The station opened its gates in 1878 and is now the busiest station in Scotland; an estimated 38 million people pass through every year. But how many of those passengers know the history of this famous landmark?

On Inside Central Station railway historian and tour guide Paul Lyons tells the station's stories and reveals his unsung heroes of Glasgow Central.

The men who built Glasgow Central Station

"These men took pride in their jobs. They gave their lives for this place.”

"This place was built by sweat and toil and hard work," says Paul. "By men that were never recognised. These men took pride in their jobs, they gave their lives for this place. For me, the real heroes of Central are the men who built this place from the ground up."

The station was redeveloped in the early 1900s, and the result was the bright and spacious station that exists today.

Paul continues: “I don’t think we could rebuild Central Station if we knocked it down tomorrow. We could never rebuild it to this absolutely magnificent standard.”

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