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Money off coupons

  • Money Saving Coupons are everywhere… magazines, newspapers, supermarkets and on specialist coupon websites.
  • You can also get coupons and vouchers if you contact the manufacturer and give them feedback on their product. They may send you a response with a coupon included.
  • Carry all your coupons whenever you shop. That way you can match them to products on the fly.

But remember…

Coupons can be found in magazines, newspapers, supermarkets and on specialist coupon websites.
  • Shops may have strict policies on using multiple coupons at once.
  • Some coupons will specify the size of the product you can get.

Mystery shopping

You can spend the night in a luxury hotel, or dine at top restaurants for free as a mystery shopper. Your job will be to provide feedback on their customer service and quality. You can also be asked to do it in shops, where you will either get paid or keep the things you’ve bought. You can find out about mystery shopping opportunities by going to reputable market research companies.

Haircuts, beauty treatment and massages

Trainee hairstylists need to practise on someone, and that someone could be you. This is a great way to get a free haircut, and will normally be done under the full supervision of a qualified hair stylist. Get in touch with the hair and beauty salons near you to find out whether they have trainee styling sessions. Or alternatively try hair and beauty schools, they are often in need of willing guinea pigs.

See films for free by signing up to mailing lists that offer free screening tickets.

There are loads of free offers for food and toiletry samples on the web, so have a look around!

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