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Puzzle for Today

Puzzle No. 498 – Monday 10 June

Tomorrow is the final Maths GCSE exam but today sees the start of Maths Week London, which aims to change perceptions about maths as a subject and encourage all children, teachers and parents to share a love of maths. In a Maths Week London event, there is a classroom based event where there are twice as many children as parents and twice as many parents as teachers. If the room is full and the capacity is 35, how many children, parents and teachers are there?

Today's #PuzzleForToday has been set by Bobby Seagull and fellow maths teacher Susan Okereke, who are both co-hosts of the Maths Appeal podcast.

Teachers = 5. Parents = 10. Children = 20.

You can set up a simple ratios question. Call teachers T. Then parents are 2T and children are 4T.

T + 2T + 4T = 7T = 35. Then teachers = 5.

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